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Ready or Not, Your Lawn is! 

March 3, 2023 by Aaron Johnson

The unseasonably warm weather has sprung the plants into Spring! Believe it or not, we may be mowing in March! 

The lawn may not need a mowing every week, yet, but to ensure your yard looks its best and has the best opportunity to survive this summer, get the first cut early.

I am mowing my lawn this month for the first time. We have a brand new sod lawn that was installed late in the Fall. Not the ideal time to sod a new lawn, but you do what you can, eh.   


It held up well over the winter and is now getting ready to mow. I'm seeing all my neighbors lawns are also getting ready, but I haven't heard a mower start up. It won't hurt to get that first 1/3 of the blade cut this month! 

Call Uncle Onion today to get your lawn started off strong with an early mowing. We'll watch your lawn to make sure it gets that first cut as soon as it's ready. Then, we'll put you on a weekly maintenance schedule to keep it looking great and healthy all year. 


If talking on the phone isn't your thing, fill out your Uncle Onion's True Price form here on our website and we'll get you a price today and have you ready to mow immediately.


We have limited availability, but we are beginning to schedule lawns for April. It's not too early! In fact, the grass is going to start growing quickly this month. Don't let it get ahead of you. Call now to get ahead of the rush to ensure you get a spot on our schedule.

We have very limited availability this year due to overwhelmingly popular demand. 

Schedule Uncle Onion's Premium Services Today!

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