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Mowing Lawns in Fredericksburg, VA & Spotsylvania County with battery-powered equipment!


Family and veteran owned with over 30 years experience

Fully licensed and insured for all services we provide

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Your health

Our mowers prevent 26 pounds of carbon pollution for every hour we mow

cleaner planet

1% of funds from every lawn we mow is donated to developing technoligies to remove carbon from the atomosphere

Easy Schedule

Your services are set the same day of the week for the entire year


THE new, better lawn care company! Easy account management through your client portal and automatic payments

Our Services with all Battery-Powered Equipment!

Weekly and Bi-weekly Electric mowing

Weekly lawn mowing for the healthiest, prettiest lawn.


Bi-weekly mowing available.

take a vacation!

Short term mowing with our electric equipment so you can recharge your batteries!

Organic lawn treatment

Coming in 2024! We are currently researching the best products and methods for organic lawn care!

More services coming!

As we ramp up production, we'll add more services to become a one-stop shop for all your lawn care needs!

How it Works

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receive your Uncle onion's true price

We'll email your Uncle Onion's True Price to you the same day, no later than 24 hours.

Accept the terms

You'll get access to a personalized portal where you can manage your service schedule, payment method, and so much more!

Services are automatically paid upon completion. 

Enjoy the cleanest lawn service in town!

Check mowing the lawn off your to-do list for the rest of the year! 

Cancel anytime!

We'll Email Your Uncle Onion's True Price TODAY!


For the most accurate pricing, please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. Close enough is good enough! If you received a post card, your price is on the post card. Fill out this form to get scheduled! 

There is access to my entire yard for a 42" wide zero turn mower.
How high is the grass today?
Which service is right for you?
Our pricing includes mulching grass clippings. Would you prefer we bag and haul away your grass clippings for an additional $10?

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What Our Client's Are Saying About Our Electric Lawn Mowing Services

"...the yard looks the best it’s looked since I bought it!!! Should’ve went with you guys in the first place. Looking forward to making the yard even better! Thanks again." 

Fredericksburg, VA

"Aaron's attention to detail is most impressive. My yard looks fantastic! Thank you!"

Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA


Fredericksburg, VA

"Excellent service - good pricing - uses electric mower so clean and green."

The Proof is in the Photos

Electric is better for families and better for the environment

Lawn Mower Selection Support_edited.jpg

One gas-powered lawn mower...

Produces as much air pollution as 43 cars driven 12,000 miles per year

Leaf Blower_edited.jpg

In 30 minutes, a gas leaf blower...

Produces the same amount of emissions as driving a car 7,700 miles at 30 mph!

Polluted Water_edited.jpg

Traditional lawn care produces...

13 billion pounds of toxic pollution every year


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The Uncle Onion way is the best way!

Uncle Onion’s Electric, Organic Lawn Service is the premier provider of electric lawn mowing in Spotsylvania County and Fredericksburg, VA. Every piece of equipment we use is battery powered, providing you with quiet, clean lawn services!

As our valued client, you'll have a password protected, personalized portal where you have complete control over your lawn care. If you are signed up for our weekly or bi-weekly services, there's nothing for you to do after the first scheduling. Going on vacation and only need the lawn mowed once? Or do you prefer to have it done on your schedule? Just not feeling like mowing today? No problem! From your portal, you'll be able to schedule mowing at your convenience with just a few clicks. Uncle Onion's is the cleanest, quietest, easiest, and most convenient lawn service in town!

Work from home or have a baby sleeping? 

You’ll appreciate our quieter lawn mowing equipment that is less intrusive to your meetings and presentations. We can custom tailor our schedule to fit anyone’s needs by scheduling our mowing time around your unique requirements. We know how frustrating it is when you are interrupted by obnoxious lawn equipment while you are trying to work or the baby is sleeping. Our clients have told us they didn’t even know we were there! Uncle Onion’s Electric, Organic Lawn Service is the solution!

Science and Technology

Uncle Onion’s uses the latest science and technology to provide you with the best lawn care in Spotsylvania County and Fredericksburg. We are one of the few lawn care providers with our own research and development department. Across our Lab Lawns located in Spotsylvania County and Fredericksburg, VA, we continually research products and techniques to provide you with the best and most environmentally friendly lawn care services possible. Your lawn is not our testing ground, it's our proving ground!

Our mowing techniques, which include the height of cut and the mowing schedule, are precisely tuned to promote a healthier, more beautiful lawn with less water and fertilizer (organic fertilizer services coming soon!). No more exhaust fumes poisoning your grass, no worry about gas or oil spilled on your grass or driveway. Uncle Onion’s is the clean, worry free solution to tackling one of the worst chores: Mowing the lawn! For more information about the benefits of electric lawn mowing, see our Why Electric page!

Coming for the 2024 season, Uncle Onion’s will begin offering organic lawn treatment. The products we use will be safer for kids, pets, and the environment, while creating a healthier, more resilient lawn. Uncle Onion’s believes yards are meant to be played in, not just looked at. Some of our products we are testing can be eaten by people! The products we are currently testing are safe for kids and pets to immediately enjoy the lawn after application. See our Research tab for more information!

See our Services tab for a full description of our services!    

Licensed and insured.

Uncle Onion's Electric, Organic Lawn Service and Uncle Onion's Lawn Service, LLC. are the same registered Virginia business.



Electric and organic lawn care is finally available in Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania, Virginia! 

Better, Safer Lawns

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